25 Shots to your dome

I really didn't want to do this - really - especially since NoZ's list disappointed me and Bol was decent (ironic huh?). However, IFux's and NMB's were basically on point, because their list gave me a understanding of what they grew up on. So let me clarify my list before I begin. I grew up in Belize (as you all know - hence the name), so around the mid 80's, Hip Hop started to make its way into Belize. Since there were no music stores that sold albums (only mixtapes), when you visited the states (USA) you had to make keen decisions about which albums you buy- cuz a wack album with hot singles was just plain stupid. After all, I could cop the hot songs across the street. ALBUMS is the key word! So the albums below are albums that I could never do with out. Lets begin: (BTW - I also kept it to one artist per selection)

25. Im Serious (T.I.) - I can't lie, I copped this album simply cuz of the Beanie Man song, however this shyt bangs hard. Still Ain't Forgave Myself stays in mind 24/7 and What Happened? is one of the best storytelling songs of all time. Period.

24. The Score (Fugees) - I wasn't gonna put this up, but I'd be stupid. When I went back to Belize, they were playing this like Bob Marley came back. Just remember: "flying fist of Judah!"

23. Tha Hall of Game (E-40) - Two words "RASHHEEEDD WAALLLLAAACCCEE!!"

22. The Diary (Scarface) - A must have Classic!

21. Doc's da Name 2000 (Redman) - Yeah, no Muddy Waters. Sorry folks but I was still swimming on the island at the time.

20. N.O.R.E. (Noreaga) - Most people forget the impact that CD had. Remember, without NORE - there would be NO Neptunes. (well in my universe).

19. We Are The Streets (LOX) - I had a hard time deciding between Styles P's first joint and Money, Power & Respect. I then realized that life without FUCK YOU would be detrimental to my health.

18. Supreme Clientele (Ghostface) - Track 9 is my favorite and so is the skit that follows.

17. Greatest Hits (Ice Cube)- Call me a cheater. That's fine. Cube has too much shyt out so I took the easy route. Don't hate- ud' buy this too.

16. Lost (Eightball) - This is one CD that (surprisingly) everybody forgets. Seriously, if your an 8ball and MJG fan and you don't own either this or MGJ's NO MORE GLORY then smack yourself. Shyts classic and My Homeboy's Girlfriend bangs to this day.

15. Black on Both Sides (Mos Def) - Mathematics is worth the CD alone.

14. Guerrilla Warfare (Hot Boyz) - I also had a hard time picking between this and 400 Degreez. I still wish that they would stop acting feminine and regroup. Shout out to Supa Blanco aka Lil Sammy for playing this shyt in his crib 24/7.

13. I almost picked Murda Muzik, but More Trife Life thought me all I needed to know about hoes.

12. Capital Punishment (Big Pun) - RIP PUN.

11. Tical (Method Man) - I just love the way RZA mixed this CD.

10. Chronic 2001 (Dr. Dre) - I picked this for one reason. This is the only CD that when I listened to it for the first time (while smoking datshyt), I did not skip a track. Me and my homeboys just kept passing eLe's around the whole room until the CD ended. At that time we realized that our whole bag was gone. THANKS DOC!

9. The Dude (Devin) - When I first saw this tape I laughed. I actually didn't hear it until a year later when my boy gave me the cassette tape (remember those?). To this day I have bought 5 copies of this tape and I PROMISE, I will never bootleg it.

8. It was Written (Nas) - I hated this CD when I first heard it. Really. But I took a chance and listened to it a couple of years later and I must say: This is one of those Cd's that was just ahead of its time. To this day I would cop this over Illmatic. Sorry people.

7. It's Dark And Hell Is Hot (DMX) - Just play track 1 and let it ride.

6. In My Lifetime (Jay-Z) - Just like Illmatic, many folks are quick to claim an artist 1st work as there best work. NOT ME. I know people bashed this CD, but Babyface and Puffy aside, this CD can compare to Reasonable Doubt-track for track. Tell me that "You Must Luv Me" is not better than "Regrets". Tell me that "Friend or Foe 98'" is not better than the original. Tell me that "Where I'm From" and "Who You Wit II" are not the hardest Jay songs ever. Tell me that "Crack Game/Rap Game" was not an ill concept. STOP LISTENING TO MAGAZINE REVIEWS. That's one of the reason hip hop is so wack, people DON'T listen, they just take another niggaz word like its the Bible. This album was so underrated. *smh*

5. Life After Death (Notorious B.I.G.) - Ready To Die was great but this Cd was Biggie in his prime. Plus 2 Cd's are always better than 1..right?

4. DoggyStyle (Snoop Doggy Dogg) - G's and Hustler'z deserves a video to this day.

3. Atliens (Outkast) - One of the first tapes I owned in Belize and one of the few tapes that the bodega had in its entirety. This tape gave me a look at what its like to live in the south years before I moved there.

2. E.1999 (Bone Thugs N Harmony) - It baffles me to this day how a group that changed the game, still gets NO love. Without Bone, there would be no blueprint for hardcore rappers harmonizing on tracks (and I don't mean Ja or Nelly), there would be no blueprint for tribute tracks with crossover appeal. This is the first tape I bought when I visited the US and matter of fact, without this tape, Id probably be bumping Heavy Metal or sum like that.

1. Such a hard choice deciding between this CD, All Eyez on Me and Me Against the World, but the reason this is the number one album (in my opinion) is cuz when I was bouncing around, living at different places trying to find a new home -this was the only CD that kept me sane when life felt insane. Krazy is probably the only song in the world, that can move me, especially with this line: "Last year was hard/But life goes on/Hold my head against the wall/Learn the right from wrong."

How True.

Well, that's my list.


ALL WORLD:GREATEST HITS (LL COOL J) -one of the few Cd's that has the Loungin (Who Do Ya Luv) REMIX
GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN' (50 CENT) - He changed the game.
CHANT DOWN BABYLON (BOB MARLEY) - Enough hip hop collabo's to be called a Hip Hop album (in my eyes), esp since Reggae is the foundation of hip hop.
ADRENALINE RUSH (TWISTA) - I only hope his new album goes back to his roots.

DOGG FOOD (DOGG POUND) - Have you ever had that Bomb Pussy?