We Moved.

You already know:  We had to pack our shyt and move to 2012.

Why the comeback? Long story, but walk post with me..


Mixtape to Cop

Str8 Jacked from Rizoh btw..


1. “Hood Newz - Lil’ Kim Free”
2. “Ms. G.O.A.T.”
3. “Mis-Education of Lil’ Kim”
4. “I Get It”
5. “Wrath Of Kim’s Madness”
6. “Chillin’ Tonite”
7. “Need A Bitch” feat. Nate Dogg
8. “2 Hatin’ Bitches Skit”
9. “It’s Kim Bitches (Get That Money)”
10. “Fuck You”
11. “Rock On Wit Yo Bad Self”
12. “Queen Bitch 101″
13. “Kim Gets Deeper”
14. “Wanna Lick Magic Stick pt. 2″ feat. 50 Cent
15. “Thang On Me” feat. Maino & Sha”
16. “It Ain’t My Fault” feat. Sha”
17. “Kimme More” feat. Britney Spears
18. “Salute The Women of Hip-Hop (skit)”
19. “Keyshia Cole feat. Lil’ Kim & Missy - Let It Go”
20. “Mr. Cee Speaks”
21. “Gucci Mane feat. Lil’ Kim - Freaky Gurl (remix)”
22. “Outro”
23. “Alicia Keys feat. Lil’ Kim - No One (remix)”



Mixtapes to Cop

Wow...Ive been slipping on my mixtapes...NOT! Fuck that, below is everything you need that I haven't posted yet. BTW MTV..I saw your wack mixtape list! Shyt was hotgarbage.

01.dj absolute intro - prodigy interview [03:08]
02.nas - freestyle (jay-z diss) [02:05]
03.prodigy - freestyle (dissing jay-z) [00:56]
04.prodigy feat littles - mobb niggas (dissin jay-z) [03:01]
05.jay - z-summer jam freestyle (dissin prodigy) [02:38]
06.prodigy feat littles - freestyle (dissin jay-z) [02:30]
07.jadakiss and styles - fiesta (dissin rocafella) [01:17]
08.styles p - freestyle (dissin roc) [02:22]
09.nas - stillmatic freestyle (dissin jay-z and cormega) [03:01]
10.cormega - freestyle (dissin nas) [01:30]
11.50 cent - be a gentleman (dissin jay-z) [02:34]
12.dj absolute - interlude [01:00]
13.beanie sigel - freestyle (dissin jadakiss) [02:40]
14.jadakiss feat dmx - un-hunh [04:23]
15.beanie sigel - kiss the game goodbye freestyle [03:38]
16.jadakiss - freestyle (fuck beanie sigel) [03:23]
17.sheek - freestyle (dissin rocafella) [02:05]
18.sheek - freestyle (dissin roc) funk flex [02:06]
19.e - money bags and prodigy-dissin jay-z [01:47]
20.cormega - fuck nas and nature [03:52]
21.noreaga - halfwaythugs part 2 (dissin tragedy) [04:37]
22.tragedy - norefaker (dissin noreage) [01:43]
23.50 cent - freestyle (dissin ghostface) [02:47]
24.jayo felony - trued up (dissin rocafella) [03:22]
25.k - solo-the answer back (dissin dmx) [02:41]
26.mobb deep - kill a nigga [03:19]
27.camron - stan remix (dissin stanspit) [02:31]
28.stanspit - dear cam (dissin camron) [03:49]
29.mobb deep feat eastsidaz and snoop dogg - untitled


01.introduction - street wars 2 [01:13]
02.jayz - 100 million [01:00]
03.nas - ether (dissin jay-z and damon dash) [04:38]
04.jay - z-super ugly (dissin nas) [02:50]
05.mobb deep - burn (dissin jay-z) [02:00]
06.bars n hooks - fuck mobb deep [02:14]
07.mobb deep - half dead (dissin bars n hooks) [02:45]
08.interlude - 1 [00:25]
09.lox - freestyle (dissin beanie sigel) [02:54]
10.beanie sigel - freestyle live from new york [02:56]
11.styles p sheek and j - hood (d-block)-freestyle [04:30]
12.freeway - freestyle (dissin nas and jadakiss) [03:49]
13.busta rhymes and flipmode - freestyle [04:34]
14.ali vegas - freestyle (dissin dj clue and fabolous) [02:42]
15.nas - destroy and rebuild (dissin cormega) [05:24]
16.cormega - poetry (dissin nas) [03:20]
17.mobb deep - crawlin (dissin jay-z) [03:59]
18.jay - z-dont you know [03:00]
19.interlude - 2 [00:48]
20.spade - freestyle live power 99fm (dissin young gunz) [01:50]
21.gilly (major figgas) vs beanie sigel - power 99 [02:30]
22.gilly - freestyle (dissin beanie and freeway) [02:43]
23.mr cheeks - cuzin (dissin royal flush) [04:48]
24.royal flush - ass cheeks (dissin mr cheeks) [05:49]
25.mobb deep - clap (dissin jay-z) [04:12]
26.canibus - story to tell (dissin jay-z and beanie sigel) [02:23]


1. Sweet Jane
2. Go Hard For My Money
3. They Don't Want None feat. Eazy-E
4. King Kong (by lil Chico)
5. Stay Down feat. Akon, Noose & 4Sho
6. Can't Get Out the Game
7. N.I.G.G.A. feat. 2pac & Layzie Bone
8. Pay My Rent feat. Keef G
9. Maybe It's Me
10. Mary Mary
11. lil Bit of Thug
12. You Bitch
13. Turbulent Times feat. Lady of Rage & Keef G
14. I Must Be Dreaming (by Kaymont)
15. Thug Brothas feat. Young Noble
16. What You Wanna Do feat. The Game
17. Crooked Cops feat. Scarface
18. Average Thug


01. (00:00:56) Juice - Intro
02. (00:02:48 Juice - King
03. (00:03:47) Juice - Never feat. Scarface
04. (00:05:03) Juice - Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It feat. Ice Cube
05. (00:00:18 Juice - Crooked I Interlude
06. (00:04:07) Juice - The W feat. Roccet and Crooked I
07. (00:01:09) Juice - Drivin Down the Freeway (Rollin 2007)
08. (00:04:01) Juice - Illest New Rapper Alive feat. VL
09. (00:01:49) Juice - For A Minute feat. BG
10. (00:03:31) Juice - Sweet feat. Jay-Z
11. (00:03:15) Juice - Most Anticipated
12. (00:00:49) Juice - Juice Interlude
13. (00:04:51) Juice - No Half Steppin feat. Nas
14. (00:02:01) Juice - Put Ya Hands Up
15. (00:02:56) Juice - Girl You Know feat. Scarface
16. (00:03:00) Juice - Midnight Rider
17. (00:02:47) Juice - Welcome To My Hood feat. Gage
18. (00:00:40) Juice - What Goes Around Interlude
19. (00:04:00) Juice - What Goes Around feat. Mike Anthony and Warren G
20. (00:03:21) Juice - Halos feat. Hell Razah and Crooked I
21. (00:01:50) Juice - Outro



Mixtape to Cop

*salute brethren*


01. Hiatus
02. Ventilation
03. Talk 2 Em
04. Warfare feat Joell Ortiz
05. Invisible Man feat Emanny
06. Dear Diary
07. Get No Younger feat Ezo
08. Star Inside feat Suzzy Q
09. Killa BH Skit
10. Send Him Our Love
11. Family Reunion f/ Fabolous, Ransom & Hitchcock
12. 5th Gear
13. Roll Call
14. Secrets feat Emanny
15. All Of Me feat Emanny
16. Killa BH - Foldgers Brother
17. Long Way To Go feat Mr. Probz
18. Thou Shall Not Fall
19. Still My Hood



Spaiseone's Top 25 Albums of '07, No. 7

Evidence ~ The Weatherman LP
Evidence has been a member of the Hip Hop scene since the release of Dilated Peoples first release The Platform at the turn of the century. As a member of duo Dilated Peoples Evidence joins Rakaa Iriscience in representing the West Coast Underground where the group is a staple. Evidence has been overshadowed by the lyrical prowess of Rakaa throughout the groups four albums and numerous mixtapes. However, with the release of The Weatherman Lp, Evidence takes center stage and does so with the backing of several of the games finest producers consisting of DJ Khalil, the Alchemist, Sid Roams, and several cuts from Evidence's own beat tapes. At the end of the day the listener is given one of the best produced underground albums of the past few years. The soundscape is as various as the names in the production list with the album encompassing ground shaking bass on Sid Roams cut to the signature sample chopping of Alchemist's work. Lyrically Evidence switches the flow up to a slower cadence yet by albums end we have the Evidence we all know and love and plenty of content ranging from childhood to the passing of a mother.

Mr. Slow Flow is perfect for rattling neighboring cars in traffic jams. Roams with production finds a way to present Evidence as the next best thing to take number one on 106th and Park even though he's not, and proves that the underground can provide a little bit more than overly lyrical rhymes and beats that could never move the club. Evidence represents the name Mr. Slow Flow well on here which doesn't suit him, yet there's not much that needs to be done with such a heavy beat.

Alchemist brings to Weatherman several of his best beats, all in his signature sound. From Letyourselfgo, where Little Brother's Phonte provides the chorus to Line of Scrimmage where Slug guest appears. Evidence Is Everywhere is one of the best tracks on the album though little more than two minutes long and Evidence definitely defines his place in the game spitting "They measuring love, i rank top seeded, the measuring sales, i ain't broke even".

DJ Khalil brings maybe one of the best produced tracks of 2007 with All Said and Done. The pulsating piano and playful bass lines coupled with the vocals on the hook make for a solid street banger. Evidence impacts the track with his own form of braggadocia and flaunting that never seems to come off as an unnecessary as other rappers, maybe due to the fact that most of its true.

Evidence provides not only the vocals which never seem to really shine on this album but several samples of his own production which fully make up for the lack of exquisite emceeing. However, beyond the just okay lyrics, Evidence's Weatherman Lp, is by far the best album to appear from the Westcoast Underground this year.

Favorite Verse: Tie between Evidence on I Still Love You and Chase Infinite on Born in La
Favorite Track: The Khalil produced All Said and Done

****Bonus: Evidence ~ Another Sound Mission (More Evidence beats and rhymes)